Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

there goes comcast

I've thinking about the huge Comcast bill, that delivers 400 channels, but nothing is on, and have decided to drop it. why, the casual reader may ask, because I just figured out how much that stupid bill is costing me in a year. This is madness. I remember when I felt bad spending $9.95 per month on something called "Channel C". Later, it would turn into HBO. So out will go the cable and digital box and up will go the antenna. I only really watch two channels anyway ( except for NHL) so this should be a great budget saver.

Should be.

yes, even between rain drops, I'm going to mow the lawn. either today with a possibility of rain, or over the next 7 days of 80 plus temps. sigh. Say, didn't we just have on heck of a snowy winter??? Where is it when you need it?

Ok, I'm off and lifting the lawn mower. putt putt putt.

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