Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,
ancientone sleep in on a Sunday morning.....except for the cat.

So here I am, typing while "you-know-who" is sound asleep on my bed. Oh to be a cat. to meow, to shed to hunt mices. Sometimes, I feel like the object of his torment. But I know its just me. I guess I have a low threshold for playing revolving doorman to the cat.

So today, I sit here and bask in the after glow of getting the newletter out in time. It is true......I am a legend in my own mind.....I want to thank the academy for ....

Now on to the serious stuff I need to start-finish today. ah...and it's such a peaceful Sunday too. One thing is missing...KIDS! No noise from sounds of playing, hopscotching, rope jumping and running through the sprinklers.
I am so glad I was a kid when I was a kid.

ok, back to adult things..........
I'm off.

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