Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So I decided to go over statistics once again. It's been quite a while

since college, but I can still use a working knowledge of stats. So I hired a tutor. Yeah, that's him up there. The professor. Of what, he didn't say. But I'm sure to get a proper going over. ( at least my wallet will).
So here it is, Saturday, sunny warm to hot, and my neighbor offered to mow my lawn for me???? I guess she needs to be doing something. It's a nice offer, but I have all that gas and the backyard really needs it, not the front. Since then, I've learned she also put weed spray on the nasty plants thriving in my lawn. Wow. maybe I should re-think this offer over? if she wants to mow the lawn now, will she offer to shovel the snow in the winter?
Naw. She's the one I shovel her sidewalk and make a path for the mailman.
But I did a nice thing yesterday. almost as an after thought. I sent the clubs Newsletter off to a national organization. they replied they liked it and liked the rest of the newsletters club's were sending them. I suggested on a whim, that maybe it would be nice to have a central place where a collection of all the local newsletters might be placed. He's going to look into it. He thought it was a "swell" idea. ( my word- nobody used likeable words like, Swell, toots)

well,scooter the jumped up onto my lap.

I;m off

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