Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,
ancientone sleep in on a muggy Friday...

well, got my hair cut and patiently waited for the posting of our newsletter which didn't happen till early this morning. I had time sensitive material that was good till tomorrow. It has been posted.

I also found Star Wars, 1977's version ( how strange it is to say that. who would ever have thought there would be more than one version!). The dealer who is offering this version, only wants $200.00 for a 6 disc set. Non-Blue Ray. Wow. oh well. Oh, "Steamboy", is directed by the guy who did "Akira" and "Metropolis". Good stuff.
So, as I sweated over "Do I really want Star War's that bad", I came across a Monochrome Laser all in one printer in Amazon's deal of the day bonus. $89.95!

"Whats a poor boy to do?" My ink jet cartridges need replacing, and at $59.95 for 5 of them..... oh the horror. ( I love Laser printers)
But, it's TGIF so I'll relax and dream about dancing fairies and other such things. ( can you tell I'm half awake?)

I'm off.

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