Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mojo Jo Jo wishes you "Dad's" a Happy Father's Day'.

Now hand me the formula X. I want MORE!!!!

Well, here it is , sunny, a nice cool breeze coming in from the west. ah... and the rain is on the way. Father's Day, 2014. Yay us.
Now if only my mom would have told me anything about my pop, today would be different. As it is, I've always thought today was special for my Grandfather. I always thought of him as my pop. I should say a father figure, because he's the one that taught me that it is much more important to help people, love more and don't fight! Pretty strong lessons there. but oh so important in this world today.
So thanks Gramps. You've made all the difference to this boy, as he grew into a caring man. THANK YOU.

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