Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

thats the way he puck goes.....The LA King's out shot the NY Rangers.

I'm sure all of you were sitting on needles and pins on that one.
oh well. Went grocery shopping and ran right by the meat counter. " 30 days same as cash???" "Ask about our lay away plan??" I knew beef went up, but oh my. Pasta is good too. and soup.

So today I must start to compile the material for our newsletter. And I was going to leave the club last December too. ha ha ha. or LOL
what a knucklehead I am.
Today I would love to putz around, but things need to get done. It's hard being an adult.

oh, I saw a movie that scared my pants off when we saw it at the drive-in. "The First man in space". corny by today's standard's, but to a little kid it was overwhelmingly scary.
see, what scares us as kids, is nothing compared to what the real world holds today. Now that's really scary.


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