Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So, even though today is Friday the13th, still keep an eye out for Jason.....

You never know. I watched "The Atomic Submarine" last night. I'm embarrassed to say I actually saw this flick as a first run back in 1959. oh boy. was I ever that young??? At least I got to watch it back then, on a huge screen, with cartoons after the prime showing. Yay me. How I could ever afford $1.25 for a movie back than is still a mystery to me. ( mom, will you LOAD me the now, with interest, it should be $100,000.00)

It is TGIF and Pop's day. So pick the phone up and call dad and tell him you love him. Then wait 5 minutes and ask, "Dad, are you still there?".

Have a great weekend and Father's Day, all you Dad's.

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