Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

alergy season....BIG TIME.

Wow, I thought I was going to cough or choke to death yesterday. I was cutting weeds and small twigs and wow, I had this yuckie thing in my throat. Of course it was nasal drip, but, wow, this was some drip. I've never had such a reaction like this before. and of course, I took the last of my allergy otc med a week ago. Knucklehead!!!!
So today I visit the lovely Walgreens. I bet I get more than just a normal seasonal supply of Alegra.
If that didn't slap me in the face yesterday, watching the NY un-Ranger's provide a practice session for the LA Kings did. Wow, will the real Ranger's show up! I'm almost embarrassed by their non-performance.
So my friend who is kind enough to drive me up there, is going to loan me "Star Wars" 4,5 and 6. Of course MR.BigShot has a couple of sets of Star Wars since he's changed his HDTV's a couple of times. He's the guy who keeps me informed about the latest stuff in audio and video. His family had one of the states largest camera stores in the state. but then film went kind of boo hoo.
On the anime front, if I watch on naruto a night, .........I have to think on that one since I've just seen that it looks for the world like the anime stores are depleting their naruto stock?????? pull on my thinking cap....
not too tight now...

ok, I'm off. ( in more ways than one)

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