Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, ah nuts! My Hawks lost and the Kings won. Bring on the Stanley cup finals.

and in other assorted news, I just cancelled my Yahoo Small business web hosting, because after renewing it, they say I don't have a Small business account. ah, you just got to love automated business, where they don't hire operators to provide assistance, but have robo, type systems tell you, "After you paid your account, you don't have that account". Gads, I wish I could have majored in business.
So, Monday has turned out to be "ok", so far. Now, look for an alternative hosting service and try to find web building software that isn't a theme driven collection. Word Press, nope. I'll look around. right now, it is very humid, which I hate with a passion and looks like its going to rain at any moment.
so, once again, I'M OFF. ( to a good start for a Monday)

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