Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I'm loving it......Not one bad review for Godzilla!!

Now all I have to do is make up my mind 1. see it in I-Max or regular theater 2. whom to see it with. You would not believe how many of my friends watch "Cops" nightly, even reruns of reruns. They believe it's real life. when you see a team of cops sneaking up on the bad guys and one cop says to another, "Lets sneak up on them". Yay right, they forget the panaflex camera, the electric generator and the crew of 40 people behind them! ok. I don't think some of my friends could suppend belief long enough to enjoy our "GUY". But we'll see.

It's done! I started mowing the lawn at 11:54AM and got done at 4:30PM. Do I have a big lawn? Nope. I just had a lot to do, what with sweeping up winter debris and sweeping the side walk and raking the drive way. "What, you say?" raking the drive way??? is he nuts! Nope. I still have a non paved drive way. Why you surely ask. Property taxes. I'm the last hold out on keeping my drive way dirt. if I paved it, all of the property taxes around me would go up as well as mine. Nuts. I'm sure the city can find ways to increase their (our) treasury.
oh, and just as I was about to hose myself off, a friend calls and he would like to go to Meijer's on Knapp corners. I agreed, even though I get lost every single time I go there. they seem to want to change aisles and where they place things like bread, soup ect.
I got 4 items, none of which I wanted, but couldn't find the right stuff. This is one big store, I believe it's the flagship of Meijer now days. Too bad they didn't think the layout better. oh well.
I'm off to cut some limbs from fallen tree branches. Yay me.
ok, I'm really off now.

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