Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok, I talk big, but...

no yard work done. did have a visitor. a guy I met on radio. kind of a surprise. if scooter the cat would have let me sleep in, I probably would have been a little more awake. as it is, I bet the visitor thought he was boring me with all the yawning I was doing. so today, soggy Monday, I'm going up to get some munchies and squirrel fodder. ( bread)
I attempted to play "Heavy Rain" last night. after almost an hour, I gave up. it should not take me that long to get a guy to get out of bed, brush his teeth and take a shower. how much slower is everything else going to be????

ok, time to get soggy. its' raining out and almost 80 degrees while it is snowing elsewhere.

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