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Wow, Best buy actually ran out of Morrowind....

Now that I can't believe! I mean, just about everytime I'd go into BB and look over there games, I'd see boxes of Morrowind. But the closes store is Lansing MI. Ah...nope. Not going to drive that far just for a game. I got all three Quakes from Amazon, Circuit city and Best Buy. No one store had all of them...
I've got to figure out how to back up my hard drive. I've just got way too much stuff on it. I just made a newer copy of our families album, and it is 7 CD's! My Icon directory is like 9000 icons and other stuff. It all takes room. nuts.
oh well. I'll think of something. It's Friday night and "theres nothing to watch on tv". So.....I'm thinking of watching a good deal of Bubblegum Crisis, 2040 (I think thats the right title). Otherwise, it's going to be 3X3. That series kind of grows on you.

So, time to check on the pooch and maybe get a snack or something.. enjoy the weekend.

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