Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

We're half way there......To the weekend I mean.

Mr.Fix it tried to reattach the fence gate yesterday and discovered I needed another set of hands. I did manage to get the bottom hinge loose, but couldn't hold the gate up and move the hinge. But I will prevail! We held an election yesterday and the pot holes lost! Yay us.
So, today I tried to sleep in after spending a night watching and listening to our very first thunderstorm of the year. Yay us. It even had lightening. You can ask Scooter. He knows all about the terrible thunder monster and the scary flashy monster. They came in waves, go to sleep and be woke up. Back to sleep, bang, flash, wake up. It was a very restful sleep.
The poor squirrels got soggy and scared too.
So today after almost 20 years, I get my very first pair of Levi's. YAY ME! Yes!!! There are no jeans except Levi's. wear them new, then wear them till they turn soft blue. Not like the other jeans I have that just fall apart. I can't even imagine trying to make cut offs with some of these new jeans.

To write or not to write? should I pick up where I left off 20 years ago. The story is still there, just beyond conscience. I'll go get a coin and give it a toss. This is how professional writers work, didn't you know that?
ok, I'm off.

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