Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I'm thinking of changing my LJ theme.

I wonder how hard it actually is to do so??? I guess I've procrastinated enough: fix the stupid gate dummy!! oh gosh I have to?? This used to work when I was a kid, but now....The only one to hear me say that is the cat, and he's just licking his paws. sigh. oh to be a cat......
I had the weirdest dream last night. I was going into my old music store with the cat and found it completely empty! some guy was sitting in the center on a folding chair and he said the store was gone. it had been built in 1895. What that has to do with my dream I don't know, but it was there and spoken.
I wish I could have decent "All American Boy" dreams, like winning a blue steely marble. Riding my bike in the rain and seeing how many rain tracks I can make before the neighbors and mom yelled at me to come in out of the rain...
I did manage to be successful at getting a case of chicken noodle soup for the mailpersons food pantry drive this coming Saturday. I always, no matter how broke I am, try and give one or two cases of soup. Well, until the local super grocery store decided not to sell by the case any longer. So, fill up a shopping cart with soup cans. what a sight.

So, I guess I should be off and hunting for my tools to rehang the gate.

Yay us.....I'm off.

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