Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Spring cleaning......what to keep and what to toss...

I'm a pack rat. it's just that simple. I keep data from things I've done 30 years ago. "you never know when you'll need it", is usually my answer when someone questions why I have piles upon piles of junk sitting around. But I have stuff I really need to get rid of like that stupid cadenza my brother got years ago. it goes almost the complete length of the dining room. I have a somewhat small house and I really don't have room for all this stuff. So, starting this Thursday, I toss two broken chairs, which were my favorite things to sit on and watch scooter the cat wondering where his favorite sitting thing has gone.
ok, here I go. waiting for the aledged "80" degree Thursday to arrive. LOL.

They're so funny. I'm off.

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