Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I had a surprize dinner last night.

My neighbor got us a pizza. yay us. but we both didn't feel like eating too much. for some reason we both had upset tummy's. even the cat seemed quiet. Today is different. I get to pack up my pants and send them back to Walmart. Hey, do you think their buyer might actually test the fabric out first before buying them?? naw, that would be too much like work.

Today is really a not planed Saturday. well, except for the packing the pants, I really don't have much that comes to my mind that I want to do today. Oh, the NHL. Yay. both my teams won last night.The black hawks and the rangers. yay me. Tonight, boston vs sl. I also just read a so so review on the new spider man film. hmmm perhaps Sam Rami knew what he was doing when he refused to pack a film with villains.
time to see if there is any decent cartoons on. Something Titans is on cartoon network at 11:30PM.
here I go. Happy Saturday.

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