Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

aha, I survived the barber.

I mean, from me getting a hair cut yesterday and now looking all glamorous and cute and sexy. Wow, I almost want to get my own phone number so I can call myself. egads, I'm full of myself today.
This all started when it got really dark outside and I thought, without looking at the clock, it might just be time to think of watching the evening news. Nope. A threatening thunder with lightening storm was moving in and fast. this was part of that nasty storm system that destroyed so much over the last few days.
scared the cat and me, when I finally looked at the clock to see it was only 4pm!

Ok, here you go, film and new movie people. How come new movies come out, then within 5 weeks or less, appear on Pay per view, only to disappear within 3 weeks or less, and show up on starz??? Things appear to be moving at a break neck speed now days. just wondering. I was going to sit back last night and watch a nice romantic sci-fi film, you know, like Godzilla dates Rodan. but, lo and behold, they changed their line up. again. yet. oh well.
so today is put the trash cart out and watch the rain fall. I love a good, quiet, spring rain. I'm still waiting for it to come....

Ok, I'm off........really.

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