Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

oh gosh. It's terrible Tuesday.

Blue Monday, Terrible Tuesday, sad Wednesday, where ever did they come up with these names? I'm getting ready to get my "hair" cut. That shouldn't take long at all. My beautiful black curly hair is more now like a brillo pad. sigh...
I was thinking about stopping at "Sweetlands" candy, chocolate shop. oh boy! yum yum. seafoam here I come.
I was jumping up and down over the LA Kings coming from behind 3 games to none, to win the next 3 Yay Kings. I also got to see a goalie get into fisticuffs a fight. Go Quick!
Tomorrow nights game should be a dozy.
well, time to get ready for the return of winter, without the snow.
oh, I also watched an anime called "Dead Space". yucky. oh well.
I'm off to see the barber.
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