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If this is whats its like when you have allergies, its the pits

My gosh, how ever do you people deal with such a nasty ailment? For all of you people who have had to live with this, I am humbled in your presence. How you survive one season to another, with the pain, itching, sore throats ect ect. You amaze me! I only have the greatest respect for you all.
Well, I started the first full week of July by discussing with the DirecTV installation technician, how to mount the new 3 satellite dish to my tower. I've been really lucky these past 4 years of having my dish mounted first, on a pole by the side of the house and currently, in a tree! Yes, I know, they like you to do that, but its the only way I could do it, and the poor tree is scheduled to be sawed down: a nasty fungus got it, and my roof!
So, knowing I'm going to have to do something, I opted to have the new 3 satellite dish installed. I'm not rich, this is one of those 49 buck deals. But, I actually save money,going with the dish instead of the cable. "Please, no more cable" . I've still got 20 feet of cable tv running under the floor boards.
I'm planing on mounting the baby on my 48 foot fold over tower. The guy from DirecTV seemed impressed by how sturdy and firm the towers installation is. A very good engineering friend of mine installed it for me when my mom was dying of cancer. I couldn't even get the mail without help. I was that shook up by what was going on. What a wonderful person Walt was. He passed away from cancer about a year ago. I do miss him a lot.
Ok, now if only I can get all these stuff done and learn how to make/create/build web pages, I'll be okay-dokay.
oops.....the X-Men evolution is coming on..bye bye
or, toodles.

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