Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A lite tap tap on my front bedroom window Announced

the two people standing on the steps. The Watch Tower people. I then informed them that my next door neighbor belongs to TWT and they left. This is how I greeted Saturday morning. and I just heard that the Chinese searching ship has heard a 37.5 KHz Ping. I really hope they find it. something.  Mr. Arthritis came to visit Thursday night and wanted to stay up all night, "talking". He did. yuck. I swear, I haven't taken this many arthritis pills in the last ten years! It is bad this month, this year. and it is crippling.  I want my money back!  as if that would do any good.
So today, since you wont do it, Have my laundry to do. yucke poo. But, it is Saturday.

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