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Another stupid week dealing with stupid allergies!!

Gee, I hate this!! I'm used to having a swell summer time, not watery eyes, sore throat, caused by drip drip drippings, from my nasal cavities. yuck.
But, it is beautiful out, isn't it. ah.....summer.

I'm looking over fonts, and even a font creating program. Now that sounds interesting, but it is complex. the url is
I'm waiting to hear how my pal and his wife are doing. I hope I'm all wet about this, but I dont think so.
Here's one for swoosh..I'm going to have to use frontPage 2002. yeah... Gosh, this is almost like christmas. as I wipe a tear away from my face. yuck. I just looked at a program for making banners and buttons, wow, pretty impressive, but at $ 99.95, they will have to wait. I hate being poor almost as much as I hate wanting things I can't afford?????? Ok, now will somebody please...explain that to me..
Golly, tomorrow is the last day of june. oh my! School starts,,,I won't go there, ok?

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