Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok, it is Saturday. and we all know what that means....

a 3 topping pizza, or a 5 topping pizza. decisions. to cheese or not to cheese. that might very well be a question. better it be anchovies or pepperonis, a far fatter thing would be to triple the sausages'.
I really wanted to sleep in today. you know, pull the blanket's over my head till the temp warmed up to at least 60 degrees. well, try doing that with an alarm cat, set to go off whenever your comfy and want to sleep in. ah.......
So besides all the March madness going on tv today, maybe I'll be able to watch Montebano. YAY me.

ok, back to trying and sleep in my computer chair without you know who spotting me....good luck with that.

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