Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, Mojo Jojo just shedded all over the place.....and the weather hasn't changed!

now he's mad at me. So, I got me an official meteorologist. see him in my icon up there? He's professor groucho. He surely can help me and us out. ( it's 11:35AM-less than 90 minutes from now is the first day of spring....hear that?? it's Mojo Jojo laughing at us!)
oh well. I really hope they've found that plane. I really hope countries have learned a valuable lesson from this: spend the money to equip each and every aircraft with the best locating gear, not just the newest planes. This has been a ridiculous farce. in the year 2014, we can't find a lost jet?? God help us!
Now, how do we deal with that bully, Putin ( at this point, I won't lose any sleep if I spell his name right or not). Boy oh boy. Just when you thought we had enough stuff on our plate, along comes this dinosaur from the early 1900's who thinks we're still in the 1900's. This leaves me speechless. how does one deal with this madness? at this point, I have no clue. how do you deal with a bully. maybe the answer is in there?
ok, time to have scooter the cat jump onto my lap and be petted.
sometimes, I wish I were a cat....

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