Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So here I am, snuggling with scooter the cat,

and still another arctic cold front drops down. It got down to 8 degrees last night. I am so done with this stuff. I hate the heat though I'm used to it, but all this ice and snow, and no place to put it? That's enough for this year, thank you very much.
So today and maybe tomorrow, I'll watch "The Quiet man" by John Ford. I just love the mix between all of the actors and actress's. it's a great movie. It might be nice to visit there someday.

Had a great time at the Saint Paddy's reuben dinner event last night. I actually joined the club/hall just so I could vote for the guy running for hall/club president. He's the guy who cooks and helps prepare the kitchen for our fund raising event. My friend.

Have to make up a grocery list for tomorrow. yay me. I get to try and find stuff on the revolving shelves the store seems to love to use. I do have better things to do with my time than to locate jam, cat litter, and caned soups.
ok, here is Sunday. have a safe and peaceful day.
be safe.

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