Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

You just know its going to be a long week when...

the funeral guy calls and gives me the bad news: Their prices have dropped. Oh the horror. Wait just a minute here, that's good news. Now to clarify what I'm doing. No, I do not have a terminal illness. I'm just the only left in my family. When I pass on, there is nobody to take care of the service. So, I am planning on my own funeral. It's not as depressing as it seems. You get to write what will be in the memorial cards and in the obit part of the newspaper. Actually, it gives one the chance to become creative and post what was important to you. The hardest part was putting my mom, my brother and me all in one Crematorium container. Then, they'll bury us al together. I have only one problem. my name changed after I was 18! so oodles of people know me as a Stanley, which I actually prefer, and since then, another name.
( back in the 1949's, if a women was single and pregnant, she was treated and thought as being "loose". The Dr. acting in what he thought was in our best interest, changed my last name to what mom's was. Did you follow that?)
This isn't to say my "pop" was a bad person, he probably wasn't, since my mom thought he was the cats meow, and like mom and me, he loved making music.
ok, that's enough personal stuff for a Monday. This should hold you all till Terrible Tuesday rolls around.
Have a great sun shiny week.

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