Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's Magebutterfly's Birthday.

and, besides a large party she'll be holding over the weekend, we also can look forward to "DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME". You know, you lose a whole hour of sleep just so you can see the sun shining on the snow banks and icy sidewalks. ah, a great moment in the seasons. DST. I can't wait till this coming fall when we "Fall Back".
today is kind of a laid back sort of day. Laundry, planning on making SOUP and deciding if I should use a beef bone or a ham bone in the soup. Did you know they actually make a Vegetarian bouton cube?? what does that taste like?? Ham, turkey, chicken and beef make sense, but a vegie????
Papa Johns is offering a "Double cheeseburger pizza". Anybody taste that yet???

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