Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mr.Bumpy saids....

It's time to start re-sizing my clothes. Yes, after months of losing weight, it is time for me to go down one or more sizes. Now, the problem facing me is, all my shirts, socks, (unmentionables) pants, need to go down in size too. That's expensive! My age is about to show. The last time I bought Levi's, I spent $18.95. LOL. Funny isn't it. I might be able to get something for that amount, but not jeans. I'm looking the stores over as I type. Now, to deal with a hideous problem: if I don't wear suspenders, my pants fall down. If I were a teenager, I might find this action Beneficial. What once was thought to be an action to attract the opposite sex now might wine up gaging them. oh the horror of getting old.
sob. "Do I wish I could relive my youth in these times?" Not on your life! I'm more than happy with all the wonderful and not so wonderful moments I've had in life.
oh well, I've gotten those two things off my mind, now on to the future. yay me. Yay, us.

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