Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

wow, -9 degrees. Now that was a difficult night to sleep through.

the cat and I couldn't get comfortable with COLD. I kept hearing the furnace run and run and run. and the gas meter outside spinning like a taxi cab's fare meter. yikes! whats a poor boy to do?? why, just have patience. This will pass ( unless you've just seen "The Day after Tomorrow") within 3 months. Yes, I'm figuring on Late April to early May on this one. The city is already planning on how to handle the flooding, when it occurs.
Normally, in situations like this, I'd just cuddle up with a good anime show on tv or dvd, but, anime on tv seems to be lost somewhere in the contracts??? I don't think its time to start "Dragonball Z" just yet.
I also just discovered something not very nice about my cell phone: if you run the battery down, the stupid thing not only shuts off, but goes into hibernation mode. I couldn't turn it just on, I had to reset it. Then all was fine. Its a Samsung Entro. Hey, I actually hunted for that phone. I'm not ready for I-phone or smarter=then-me phones. Hey, for inner house chatting, I use string and two Dixie cups!

Ok, it's TGIF and my poor mailman worked in this crap, 14 hours!

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