Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

oh goody.. Arctic vortex, part 2 or is it 3??

ok, for Belldandy, I'm moving to your city! A projected high of 7 for Thursday??? and the 60 day forecast is for 30 degrees below normal.

Where's the crazy cat lady and her brood when you need them!
A nice, really nice thing my neighbor just did. She, dressed in pajama's, drove me up to walgreens so I could get my GERD OTC meds. Yes, OTC stuff works just fine. the same stuff, but for $12.95, not $160.00. I see Canada's Hockey team beat Sweden. Now there's a surprise.
So, time to spend my Sunday wishing Concertina a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. is she even around yet??

oh well, on to Sunny Sunday afternoon.

now, go enjoy your weekend.

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