Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

something scared the cat and me early this morning.

We both got woke up by what sounded like a car slamming into the house. It wasn't. I looked around a while ago, and nothing. Then I peeked in the backyard and saw my chain link gate laying on the ground. I bet the Icicles finally broke off from the roof and slammed into the fence. I'll have to check it out further today. Right now, it is 32 degrees with a stiff wind blowing at 40 mph. it's cold outside! I broke my heart watching the US hockey team. So close,.....

Here's hopping the men's team fairs better.

Now, TGIF. YAY us.
oh, with the wind howling, temps falling, I tried to hide under the covers this morning. Guess who meowed me awake at 7.14AM??

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