Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

it's so nice to sleep in, till the cat wants to get up.

great weekend. I did finish the hole poking into the snow bank and I just checked it out: the mail man's work is now easier. well, at lease for this block. The rest don't seem to care about anybody except themselves. What a world that would be.
Now it is time to budget for the rest of the month. how many ways is there to cook cardboard???? Just kidding. I'm losing weight and still, after about 3 years, haven't came up with a dietary selection. Remember when at school they would tell you to eat from different food groups? I'm trying to develop something along those lines, but it seems they don't use those selection charts anymore. I'm stuck.
ok, here I go making out a grocery list. maybe throw darts at a board with foods listed on it???

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