Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Busy Sunday.

I just got up from resting. I finally got finished with punching a hole through that snow drift so the mail man doesn't have to walk a whole half a block to deliver mail to us. So what's the first thing I'm going to post tomorrow?? Why the gas bill of course. It doesn't rain but pours. I then decided to seek help with a couple of computer ports that changed from stealth to closed. That bothered me, so I waiting till Leo La Port came on the radio and I called him. After nearly 3 years of off and on trying to get through, presto, I got on line. Turns out the three ports that all of a suddenly changed their status was Microsoft's doing, for their X-Box. I use Sony's PS-3. Now I'm letting friends know that a very well knows minister passed away this past Friday. So, here we go, starting the 2nd full week of February. YAY us.
Oh, and I just found out s hoof friend has Pneumonia. Not good, he's 74 years young.

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