Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

How many blog's do you write to?

just curious. I have three, LJ, Blog and of course, Facebook. Though that might not be considered a proper blog. Interestingly enough, I some times just copy what I enter in LJ to enter it into FB! I like LJ and wish they would offer the life membership deal again. of all the LJ life-ers, none seem to be here any more. They "TWIT". which I do not use. "Am I really a TWIT HEad???" oh woe is me. LJ is the base where I am at lease pretend to stay in contact with those folks whose friendship I treasure the most. Those who I started out with on the old Newsgroups. Wow, that sounds so ancient, doesn't it?
But I do miss that, and LJ keeps that alive.
ok, I figure you've probably figured out I'm putting off shoveling snow again. Drats, can't fool you.

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