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It sort of kind of like, maybe, if you use your imagination....

IT'S finally SPRING??????
Well, that is what it feels like. A nice, cozy, soft, piddle paddle of rain, spatting on the roof and sidewalks. hmmmmm. Everything is GREEN. favorite color.

Now, all I have to do is get my nerve up and hitch up the patch cord between my record changer and my computer. what could be simpler than that? I'm even stocking up for this event too. I just ordered 100 CD-R's, for the ridiculous price of $0.10 each! When I first got a CD-Burner, the blank CD's cost like $18.00 each. So, this should really be a hoot for me. Went to the drug store to get my dog glusocine??? for his arthritis. He's a old,old dog that I got last year, cause nobody wanted him.. A lot of times, I wonder about the humanness, of my fellow humans........
But he's perked up and is almost playful, so its about time I attempt to get his web site up. I am only using a polaroid, and for some reason, the photos are coming out way too dark, no matter what setting I use on the lens.... Hey, its' only like 21 years old. You think that might be the problem?? Time to check out the digitals. I broke down and did buy Powerquest Partition Magic 8. I just spent money on something I hope I never have to use???? My porch light is on, but nobodys home...

Time to check out the newspaper. I hear Tony Blair is having a rough go of it at home. NOT FAIR!!! He may have been mislead, oodles.
Have good weekend. Get HUGGED!!!!

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