Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here we go again....."YET!"

yup. still another arctic front is dropping down on us. This is getting tiresome. I love the cold, snow, drifting snow banks, but 4 weeks straight is a Stretch even for me. So, in a little while I'm going outside to shovel some more snow. Last night, our Ham Radio club had it's " After Christmas Dinner party". it was well attended. My pal, Jimmy, picked me up in a 2013 Ford F-150 truck. I think it was operating with Windows 7. LOL. It had a bigger screen in the dash than my old Dell Notebook! oh well. $54,000.00 can buy a lot of truck.
I'm waiting for the "Open Hockey Game " to begin. They froze a ball diamond and for the third time this year, will have one old fashioned hockey game . YAY us. Remember when you were a young kid and you wanted to go out sledding with your friends, and mom would dress you up in more clothes than an Astronaut would wear? YAY us. I do miss going down the Kent Country club's hills. They, the ground keepers, would leave open a gate so us kids, ( only about 100 of us) would go and have fun in the winter.
ok, I've put off shoveling long enough. NUTS. I'm off.

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