Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See the cute cat above? That's my biological hot water bottle.

Now I do not mean any disrespect to Mother Nature, for creating such a warm and Snuggly critter. But like girlfriends in the past, he has developed a habit of rolling the blankets away from me, exposing me to the Harsh cold of a winters' night. When I finally wake up, hours later, I'm in one grumpy mood. no way to start the day. So this Saturday morning, I sat down with Scooter the cat, and had a little chat with him. It went something like this: " scooter, don't pull the blankets away from me when you dig under the covers. Scooter's reply to this " lick front paws, scratch behind his ear. He totally iqnored me! He then looked at me with those " what's your problem again". It wasn't even a question, just cat speak.
ok, I'll leave him be and go out and shovel last nights snow away and get ready for tonight's blast.

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