Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

wow, LJ is really slow today.

BUt, considering that at 10:18AM over here, Our temp dropped from 1 above zero to zero. We're losing ground. I bet the LJ servers hard drives are cold. maybe somebody should throw a blankie over them??
I'm thinking like an idiot, to go outside and shovel the little flakey snow that fell last night off the sidewalk. Because, the huge snow flaks are coming tonight through tomorrow. yay us.

So, I'm about to end the Fallout 3 game. I tried to throw a grenade at the nasty Enclave people, but, alast, nope. so once again, I'm held prisoner of the mean blue meanies. oh woe is me!!! Where's a plasma blaster when you need one. I'm about to walk away from this game feeling good about, 1. disarming the atomic bomb in Megton city. 2. actually removing a slave coller and 3. meeting Flawkes. So as my atoms are about to turn to toast, I look towards, "Oblivion". Finally. Maybe, Final Fantasy. Not sure on that one, I think they're like up to what, FF 13????. Really???

besides playing games and learning more about "me", I'm discovering that while WIndows 7 might be the most stable Operating system Microsoft ever made, there's not a lot of software that will work on it. or 8 for that matter. I just discovered that my 29.95 Flash button and banner builder program, is gone! Won't run on Windows 7 or 8. I don't think they even tried. The company does not even answer their e-mail for support. " Why do I actually purchase software titles, when if I stole them, and they folded, I wouldn't be out anything?"
Dreamweaver is starting to look pretty good, even though you can't buy it on disc anymore. gad zooks! Has everybody gone mad with over depending on the internet? "Think".

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