Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

burrr.. it's cold.

what's worse, the prediction is for this to continue till the middle of February! Belldandy, if I could, I'd send most of this Bitterly cold air your way. today is the take the garbage out day. This should be a neat trick if I can do it. I kind of have to put the cart out since I put the remains of the soup I made yesterday. Now I know what bland tastes like. egads! That was, the most plain soup I've ever had! I was going to make potato soup, but do not have the complete receipe. My best friend in the whole wide world used to make it, but wouldn't tell me his receipe: he said, just watch. well, he passed away and even his wife and family have no idea how or what he put into it. I know it had chicken broth, ham, and some kind of sauce.
Winter makes an excellent month to experiment with cooking.
I always say, "There's nothing like home cooking, especially if you can't get out to a restaurant!"
ok, here goes the cart and me. sigh...any volunteers???

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