Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Today's Icon was either going to be Cute Kitten, or Mo JO JO JO, bad monkey! guess who one?

I just saw the weather outlook. YAY US! We're all prepared this time around. We all know how to deal with cold weather, so the next 44 days should be a joy ride, right? But I found out putting de-icer on a dirt driveway does indeed work. We went to the grocery without a hitch. One bag of kitty litter left ( the gondola holds like 50 bags-only a few remained) and carried it all up from the street. De-icer works on the driveway, but it won't remove all that rock hard snow I've got in the driveway and packed by the snow plow.
But in the are you kidding department. I just made 3 peanut butter sand witches for the squirrels. so help me, if just one of them knock on the back door and ask for jelly.......
ok, now to plan on how to clean the ice bank off my drive way without using T-N-T...
have a joyous weekend.

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