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19 days till the summer equinox, and still, no summer

I can't believe the rotten weather we're having over here. 49 degrees tonight and 59 for a high. The only bright spot is that the lower temperatures will lower the mosquito populations. thats great news, since we've got that nasty Nile Virus bug to contend with. I still haven't plugged in the cord to see how this gizmo will work, but my brother has already started looking for the rare albums we have. I just got an order, so to speak, to fit that nice server case with a plentium mother board and stuff. I call it plentium, cause, it costs plenty, loves plenty of ram and when it breaks, it will cost you one plenty plus.... Hey, know why they're making Windows 2000 prison guards??? cause they always lock up. well, I guess its' time I went beddy bye.. I just started watching " Another Heaven", a Japanese movie, and it's good!
I hope you all have great weekend.

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