Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

When Anime Explosed started on ZDTV, Lain was the corner stone series.

Then, "Banner of the starts' and followed by Bogie pop. ( I can't remember how to spell the actual title. I just watched that series.)
So, here it is, Sunday, a winter storm warning is out till 10pm which I would hope would be extended till Wednesday early AM. The LARGE, and has absolutely nothing to do with Global warming, artic front is just about over head and is slipping gears into "PARK".
I love winter. I live for weather like this. I used to get all dressed up and go for a long walk by myself, or hitch up one of my Samoyed pooches and go for a shorter walk. it was glorious! YAY ME.
But, I wouldn't want anybody to get hurt due to this weather. That will happen, sad to say.
I thought, since it is Sunday, I'd do a washing. so now I'm all spic and span. "You can take me out, if you want to!". Well, I don't hear any offers coming this way???? hmmmm, I see, being stood up again, yet, STILL. I'll fix you. I'll let you all date little bobby Macinerny and you can grow up and have red haired kids! That'll fix you.
I need to get out more... a lot more.

Enjoy the first weekend of 2014. ah, what a year it is going to be too.

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