Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok ok. no more least for this year.

But I'll make no promises for next year. Here comes the HEAT wave: 34 degrees! and then, tomorrow, the artic front moves in. single digits at night and low teens during the day. For the week. So, I think I'll just wait till it gets a little warmer outside and shovel the drive way out......again......yet.
I almost slipped and fell yesterday shoveling my neighbors front walk. Ice, slippery ice. Covered with snow. You know, there are moments in ones' life when your expecting death, that your past doesn't flash before you, but watching the world go side ways does.
That was yesterday. So today, I'll do my best to limit that experience from happening again.
ok, here jumps the cat on my lap. time to pet and make disgusting meow sounds to the cat....

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