Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Tis the day after the cringles, the paper is piled on the floor..

can't find the pS-3 anywhere? ah, Christmas. I just discovered that I didn't actually mail Christmas cards to everybody I thought I had. aha. How Embarrassing. So, I think I'll dig into my seasonal cards and see if I can find a couple of "Yes, I forgot to send you a card" card. See, one must make a list of not only who's naughty and nice, but who you have actually sent a Christmas card to.

and now......New Year's Eve! I already have a reservation for Scooter the cat and me, to watch some stupid thing on TV. or, put on "Lord of the Rings", extended edition. YES!

enjoy the December thaw. winter is just around the corner.

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