Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

see the above icon...that's what it looks like over here today.

freezing rain, temps hovering around freezing and the snow is turning to mush. WTF!!! What's happening to my beautiful snow.... I've shoveled since last week Monday ( took Sunday off-muscles hurt) and now, I could use a huge sponge to soak up this crud.
Otherwise, I ran into a Quandary while playing "Fallout 3". How to resolve the PIT freedom for the slaves. I could kill one person, and that would make a mess, or not kill the dude and the slaves would be used for target practice and the practice of taking slaves would continue. What to do. What a game. to play this and actually be confronted with a situation like this. wow, I knew the creators of this game were imaginative, but this.....
I say this, because it looks like I'm going to be stuck inside the house most of this day. no, I'm not going to try and walk on freezing rain covered 'everything'. I would fall and bounce a lot.
ok, you all take it really careful where ever you are.

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