Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Tuesday seems to be following Monday, so far...

I woke up, made toast and coffee and then heard "Glen Beck" say the following: Has anybody seen Mickey Mouse without his pants on? What gender is he??
This is how Tuesday began. I tried to look out the front porch screens to see if I needed to shovel or not, but couldn't due to the snow clinging to the screens! Must have really been blowing huh.
I guess it's time to start shoveling the drive way. I have a path through it for the mailman, but I don't think a full sized ford will fit. down with the coffee and here I go. sigh....think of all the naps, ( think PS-3 games I could be trying....) or redesigning several web sites. they are the most important. "To shovel or to click a mouse" that is the question.

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