Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

December 7th. Some dates will be remembered forever.

I'm still waiting to find out if Scooter will like his new food. Darn color coding idea anyway. I made goulash yesterday. I forgot to put in, celery, mushrooms, garlic and spices. But, on a cold winter's night, it tasted great!
I'm still walking myself around Sony's Play station 3. Wow, what a machine! I didn't know which title I would like the best to learn, so instead of playing "Grand Theft auto 5", I bought "Fallout 3". This is the software company I love! just roaming all over the place. adventure after adventure with no apparent end in sight. YAY ME. Besides PC games, this is like the second console I've owned. The first, was "Fairchilds, "Channel F". wow, now that does date me! flimsy game controllers, games that only with the greatest imagination would you believe your actually inside the game. Not like PS-3 ( or for that matter X-Box 360).
This is one way to advance technology: build game consoles that rock!

It should be interesting to see what the next advance in PC's is going to be like...

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