Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

This is the way we buy cat food, buy cat food and replentist cat litter.

oh joy. As we wait for the arctic blast. ok, come on. I'm getting plenty of cat food, cat litter. What more do I need??? oh, what do I need? Why, a warm kitty kat to snuggle up with during the coming arctic nights. Yeah, food would help too. lets see, one each from the common food groups: grease, sugar and salt. oh, and coke cola. Yeah....vanilla coke. yum yum. I ordered the coffee so that should be here tomorrow. hmmm. me without my morning coffee?? NO WAY! I'll get another can nuts. polish sausage and Sauerkraut. OH BOY! yum yum. and a nice either cold or warm beer. I think I died and went to Trump Towers!

oh boy, come on back down to earth. oat meal and warm ginger ale. sigh. becoming an adult can be so sad and depressing...... thanks goodness for... ( you thought I was going to say girlfriend, didn't you!) kitty kats.

ok, here I go. I'm off. ( in more ways than one)

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