Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now that was some cookie!

Papa Johns is offering a $5.00 8 inch cookie. Whenever I ask the delivery dude how they are, they roll their eyes and tell me "They're Great!". Hmmm. I tried one last night. "I did roll my eyes and shout out They're Great!". Wow who would have believed that one great tasting cookie could be available at a pizza place! Yes, that means I had pizza for dinner last night. I do get tired of soup and rice all the time. I may have that tonight. I did discover that I really can not stand the taste of Diet Pepsi. yuckie poo. That almost ruined my meal with that sicky after taste. back to either vanilla coke or cherry coke for me.

today is supposed to be the last above 30 degree day for this year. that arctic front will slowly drop in from Canada. ( hey yanks, here's an early Christmas present for you)

oh well. back to my morning coffee oh, Carlos ross will be on jeopardy tonight.

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