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It's been a tiring day......
This stupid weather has upset both Yogi's arthritis and mine! Had pain throughout the G.I.Track most of the day. But I still ate...
I'm sorta glad I quit smoking. I do miss them, but....I do not trust the tobacco industry. I think they are the same as the Medical industry. "In it for the bucks.period!"
I think I picked out my video card. I've been investigating oodles of different ones, and I really wish I could get the 3DFX card, but they're gone. So, believe it or not, ASUS makes a really smoking card. A GE Force card for about $150.00. I thought I'd have to pay oodles more.
Now, all I have to decide to do is whether I need 512 megs of ram or a gig. I think 512 will be enough for my needs. Mostly graphic stuff and web page creation.
I didn't sent in the $100.00 yet for the arthritis web page domain name. I think it is badly needed, but why me? I'm not mister mega bucks. I have to borrow just to make ends meet as it is. oh well.
Yawn, I'm going to bed and will finish this later. I'm also thinking of paying for this page.
a tired boy. "no girls tonight, thank you very much!"
can't stand the cooties, you know.

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