Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Black Friday, and then, tired, broke Saturday!

Well, I stayed home and let my mouse do the shopping. I think I detected a pattern this year. some prices seemed to have increased since the last time I saw them on sale???
I have to admit, I miss having NHK Japan on TV. I liked watching the Sumo wrestlers. Wow. But, Comcast wants $24.95 per month for that service! and to think they were giving it to me for free for about 3 months that I know of. They didn't bill me, because according to them, I wasn't receiving it!! Yeah, okay dokay.
Global warming is visiting us again in dramatic fashion this coming week: 28 degrees, 49 degrees and then 13 degrees. and snow, rain and freezing rain.

well, time to go check on the squirrels and see how they're doing. Scooter the cat is concerned: he want's to go outside when they're playing so he can check on them. at least that's what he keeps on telling me.

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